Introducing CoinTracker Pro Subscriptions

CoinTracker is a simple an elegant mobile app to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio. We offer a free version, which is capable of tracking your Bitcoin and altcoin portfolio with most popular cryptocurrencies. And the free-version is an excellent starting app for novel cryptocurrency investors to learn about tracking their cryptocurrencies. Users could see real-time cryptocurrency prices, set a primary fiat-currency, analyze coins with CoinBase like hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and all time graphs, add & manage cryptocurrency investments, stay updated with latest cryptocurrency news, protect the portfolio with a passcode and TouchID (in iOS). After learning how to buy and trade cryptocurrencies and their future possibilities most cryptocurrency investors diversify their portfolio with many altcoins. We offer one-off payment (1.99 USD) to unlock 1500+ cryptocurrencies for these intermediate cryptocurrency investors. With this one-off Unlock Coins feature, the existing app will be extended with full cryptocurrency set for portfolio tracking as well as graph based and value based analysis for investments in future.

Today, we’re happy to announce our major update targeted towards pro cryptocurrency investors. Pro subscriptions are priced at 4.99 USD/monthly or 49.99 USD/yearly. Initial pro-subscription feature we offer are as follows:

  • Setup unlimited price alerts when a coin goes above or below a threshold value.
  • Manage multiple cryptocurrency portfolios for easier analysis.
  • Find Initial Coin Offerings: Live, Upcoming and Completed.
  • View Portfolio item prices in different exchanges.
  • Lighter Theme and Larger Fonts support in Settings.
  • Unlock Coins & Remove Ads.

We’re also happy to announce that our initially subscribed pro users will be getting the grand-fathered price for the many more interesting features we offer in future via Pro Subscriptions.

Stay tuned for our blog for more future updates.