Common Mistakes to be Avoided When Developing Beacon Apps

We saw the emergence of the iBeacon technology from Apple in the initial part of 2015, but as we neared the end of 2015, we saw a waning effect to iBeacon. Any new technology that arrives in the market always devotes a considerable time towards the explorations of the various possibilities as well as implementing the best practices and the same applied to iBeacon app development. The developers have now realized the importance of beacon apps for pushing promotional offers for the client. This technology is yet to set the ball rolling as yet. We term a beacon app as good, when there is some value served in return of the personal data that is needed. Moreover, it must have the ability to utilize the opportunity provided by bluetooth off states.

The data reveals that the beacon technology is about to make an impact on the retail sector. But, there are several mistakes committed, while developing beacon apps. If, at all there is a failure of the technology, the sole reason is due to the lack of application of the benefits of the same technology, in rendering the ideal retail shopping experience.

The companies were too focused on the selling aspect rather than the educational part. If the companies would have concentrated on the educational aspect, the beacon technology would have been successfully implemented. If, the users would have known that they would be able to save money, time and effort, they would have definitely opted for the same.

Lack of Transparency in Privacy Policies

The greatest concern for the newer technologies are that the development companies often use their personal data, with some malicious intent. Customers are never happy about sharing their personal data with the app companies. As the beacon apps are based on location based services, this aspect gains more importance for them.

While shopping, the beacons will have an access to the aisle, in the supermarket near which the customer is standing and the name of the stores, with the items that were searched for. But, just because they are accessing extremely sensitive information does not mean that the customer will show their greed on this. Only limited access must be allowed to important data. Furthermore, the users must be able to opt out of sharing the data, whenever they choose to do so or share their privacy settings. Another best practice is not to gather irrelevant information such as call history or even other apps used by them. These are the factors that affects the goodwill of the companies.

Unable to Offer the Opportunities Based on BlueTooth Off States

Communicating and transmitting the unique identifier by the operating system or the compatible app needs the Bluetooth to be ON. A proper explanation must be provided to the users. Most of the beacon apps requests for turning Bluetooth ON during an onboarding session. But, the usual experience is that the apps often fail to re-engage their customers, after the initial experience is over. One must realize the importance of BlueTooth Off States in providing an opportunity for the users. The best practice to be followed is nudging the users, so that they switch ON their Bluetooth.

Not understanding the Beacon Background Modes

Another mistake often committed during the creation of a beacon app is when there is no clarity in the understanding of the background modes in beacon technology. Even when the user is not taking part actively in the apps, there is a smartphone feature for scanning beacons. There is a hindrance on the part of the developers in their ability to visualize their interactions with the lock screen notifications appearing across various devices.

The beacon apps are able to add value, when run in the foreground, which enables to calculate the distances from the beacons in real-time. Whereas, when the app is shutdown or running in the background, it is possible to monitor only the beacon region or the beacons in the range. While developing beacon apps, the app designer must keep it in mind, these modes, as they try solve a particular problem.

As we have explained earlier a new technology takes time to evolve over the time. But, the developers must be aware of the above mistakes, so as not to indulge in such mistakes for developing beacon apps.

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