This Holiday Season, which company would you choose for getting your app developed?

Looking forward to fourth quarter of this holiday season, I’m pretty sure that all the multiple trends that are showing steep growth in mobile engrossment and sales will endure. And, very soon in the January l’ll be able to write a potent post that will include detailing, impact and vitality of the Smartphone industry in 2015.

Due to recent technological advancements, mobile app industry is becoming active, which resulted abundance of mobile app development companies. And, that’s why today there is a mobile application for each and every task and services. Whether it is tracking your health or it is ordering food from your favorite food joint, mobile apps are there to help you by all means. This is the reason why Mobile app development is the most sought after profession these days. Year 2015 has been rocking for mobile applications and year 2017 is just on the doorsteps. Why not take a look at some of the best mobile app development companies of the current year and decide for yourself which company you want to choose for your next project.

Root infosolutions

Root Infosolutions is a 2004 established IT consulting firm that delivers web and mobile solutions to the clients worldwide. Other verticals include building ERP based solutions for the companies to manage their day to day activities. The company has executed several projects for reputed businesses worldwide. Root Infosolutions has an experienced team of developers and project managers who toil to achieve targets within stipulated time. The motto of company is “We don’t just deliver software we collaborate with clients to create cost effective, efficient products and support our client till they are satisfied with the role-out.”

Appinventiv Technologies

Appinventiv Technologies is an India based IT company that has core expertise in mobile app development. The company boasts of global presence across 4 countries i.e. The U.S.A., The U.K, France and Germany. Appinventiv has a large number of clients from various domains that include travel, retail, social, news, Fintech and many more. Off late, the company has developed apps for latest gadgets like Apple Watch and has even worked on latest technologies like Beacon. In just a short frame of time, the company has registered a tremendous growth and today it is a well-known name in mobile app development space. In our entire list, only this company is the one that focuses entirely on mobile app development.


This is another mobile app development company that is headquartered in Ahmedabad, India. The company was founded in the year 2005 and has grown by leaps and bounds since then. The company has physical presence in India and online presence in U.S, U.K and Australia. E2logy provides solutions related to website development, cloud support and mobile app development. Despite a small team, this company has performed considerably in IT space.


Mobiloitte is a highly revered web and mobile app development company situated in New Delhi, India. The company works on various technologies like iOS, Android, Titanium, Cross Platform and HTML 5 for mobile apps and Drupal, Magento, WordPress for web development. Mobiloitte has worked with well-known brands worldwide and houses the best designers and developers who work round the clock to provide out of the box deliverables to their clients.


EngineerBabu is a startup from India that focuses on mobile application development and web development. In addition to this, the company also provides designing services to the clients across the globe. Within a very short span of time, this company has shown marvelous growth in IT sector and is giving big firms a run for their money. It has a team of young and enthusiastic tech nerds who possess a great expertise in mobile and web development.

So, these were the five companies that you can approach if you are looking forward to get an app developed. Each and every company has its own U.S.P and it’s completely up-to you to decide which company you prefer.

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Wishing you a merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance!!