A Touchy Subject on College Campuses

Whether we choose to address it or not, sexual assault is a more serious problem on college campuses than most of us make it out to be. 23% of women have reported being sexually assaulted on campus, and the number is even higher at some of the country’s most elite institutions such as Harvard (29%), Yale (32%), and the University of Michigan (34%). Unfortunately, only 19% of surveyed women filled out the survey regarding sexual assault and misconduct, attributing it to reasons such as they didn’t think it was “serious enough” or “they were embarrassed, ashamed or thought it would be too emotionally difficult or that they didn’t think anything would be done about it.” (1)

For many emotional reasons, sexual assault can leave scars on the victim’s psyche, and this can partly explain why it is so difficult to report sexual assaults. Even after they are reported, it is often too late. One such vicitim was Emily Lorenzen, who was raped when she was a student at the University of California, Berkeley. “Part of the ongoing issue with sexual assault and date rape is the frequent delay in reporting, and part of that is the lack of training for students to recognize and be aware of the crime… There is also a persistent cultural denial about college rape.” (2)

Sexual assault is a major issue and needs to be dealt with appropriately. This is where Lighthouse comes into play. The Lighthouse app provides users with the ability to track friends and family to ensure that they are safe in environments such as parties, dark routes, or apartments where sexual assault can occur. In addition, Lighthouse is able to notify police immediately with a simple interface to help prevent sexual assaults by improving the response time of law enforcement.

Lighthouse can call law enforcement within 10 seconds of our easy to use widget. According to Adam Shipman, the director of education and advocacy for the Sexual Assault and Family Trauma Response Center in Spokane, “Sometimes the window to intervene is just 30 seconds to a minute, but that can make all the difference.” (2) Every second wasted increases the likelihood of sexual assault. Don’t wait, download Lighthouse today!

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