Trump Wins 2020

Trump has won his second term today Nov 7th 2018

There was no blue wave, Trump lost less seats then Obama and Clinton did in their first terms.

Now one day after the 2018 election, we move to 2020 every single hate filled crazy Democrat will announce soon that they are running for office, up to 35 of them. Their going to need a YUGE stage. 2020 has already played out all that’s left is the drama of the House Democrats and their impeachment their hunt for Trump’s tax returns and Russia, they will have a 2 year Kavanaugh moment, embarrassing themselves and making sure voters come out for Trump in 2020.

The News is going to play into this bigger then they did this election, the hate they will show is going to funny, it will be mean nasty and more disgusting, they will never learn.

The Republican Senate which should be lost in 2020 due to how many seats they are going to have to defend is safe. The Democratic House will be lost in a real wave of 50 plus seats.

America we need to thank the Democrats and their News, they have won Trump 2020, with a giant majority in the House and Senate.