Americas Hate Groups

In America, everyone has their right of freedom of speech. They have the right to speak no matter how hateful that speech is. But that right ends when you turn to violence. The media is blaming just one group, in the incident that occurred in Charlottesville, but both groups are to blame. These protesters got permits from the mayor, and yet he and his minions didn’t keep these groups separated and allowing them to close and physically engage. They should have prepared better for it and maybe none of this would have happened. Even the media is showing and blaming just one group when it should have reported both. Because only one group is being painted in a bad light and so not many people see that the other group is just as bad.

Antifa and BLM are advocacy protest groups, while the KKK and neo-Nazis are an actual hateful ideology of a terrorist group as they are labeled as such. But these groups are all the same. The Black Lives Matter, White supremacists, and Antifa might have different beliefs and different things they are fighting for, but they are all violent for the sake of their beliefs. Although the KKK, Nazi’s and the like haven’t done anything since the 60’s, they are still connected to a terrible and dark history. They are endorsing the same ideology and want to implement holocaust and enslaving individuals the same way. This alone makes them worse because they have the potential to blossom into something awful. They might be just these edgy teenagers or old guys but they are much worse than modern annoyance. Their end goal literally involves genocide or ethnic cleansing.

Antifa is deemed more socially acceptable by regular people, especially young people. Because the media portrays them so, they are far more commonly violent, and causes more public damages, and yet they get more positive media coverage. These young people are the country’s future leaders, just thinking of them being brain washed by these evil group who is actively trying to oust a legally and democratically elected president, and for no other reason than he doesn’t follow the liberal agendas. Think of what will happen to America if one of these young people become elected as a house representative, or worst as president. Our system is designed so that violence isn’t necessary and there is no need to overthrow anyone. The voting system allows us to overthrow someone every 4 years if need be. Anyone who tries to subvert that system is a threat to democracy.

The question now is how to put a stop to these protesters? How do we defeat the hate, racism and bigotry? These groups are corrupting the country’s greatness. For us to be able to stand against them we must be united. I think the solution is to make a better system to replace our broken one, and treat everyone equally based on merits of who they are as an individual. The education system is corrupting the young minds of the children. The teachers must not teach the children their political beliefs because that’s where it would create a divide. This is where labeling and fighting each other on the streets over our different beliefs would start. All of us are American, and these groups who uses tactics to conquer and divide us all are not compatible with the ideals of what America was founded on. Like with common core, it’s just training the children to be robots. They will be incapable of critical thinking and not find reason without facts. Common core targets the vulnerable and impressionable children. It became a useful tool to disdain the influence of tradition and for them to control the young minds.

For us to see change, we must start with the education system. It’s not just the standard of common core, it also has to do with teachers and parents. At a young age children’s mind are like sponges, they listen to and pick up on just about anything. And if parents discuss political ideologies, or anything else in front of their children, they will listen. They will remember these inputs from parents that will influence their behavior later on. Then those parent’s opinions become their own, until they become older and form opinions of their own with facts and data through experience and education. But there’s teachers in the children’s classroom that are behind these violent groups. Every time these teachers plan on protesting they would call in sick, and this forces the schools to cancel classes which affects a lot of the students. They abuse their position of influence over students, they try to recruit students into their organizations using school sponsored trips to bring the students to By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) related activities to brainwash and manipulate the students. Even when the school held disciplinary hearing for BAMN members in the faculty, these students protested and swarmed the hearing. Teachers are supposed to teach children to think for themselves and let them know that their thoughts and ideas matter, not molding their minds to think a certain way. They are supposed to be a good example for our children, that is their job. Not being some terrorists and out committing violence. Parents should be there each day protecting their kids from the influence of the liberal millennial teachers who are trying to poison their minds. We don’t have to worry about terrorists coming here, we’re already making our own.