Can Khizr Khan be Trusted it appears NO!

The answer appears to be a Strong NO! We have gotten info from a friend inside the DNC that Mr. Khan was paid $25,000 to give a speech that he did not write, the speech was written by two people who work for the Clinton Campaign, also the copy of the constitution he showed was bought just hours before by a female Clinton staffer. Now this all seems bad but it gets worse.

Mr. Khan was contacted by the Clinton Campaign after his name was given to them by the White House 4 days before the convention this after 5 other families turned down the offer to speak, all of these families had to sign Non Disclosure Agreements, and each were paid $5,000. Mr. Kahn who is an immigration attorney with his own firm which is deeply in-debt some $1,700,000, he also has YUGE trouble with the IRS going back 6 years now, he appears he owes in back taxes around $850,000 plus interest and penalties. But the story is not done yet, Mr Khan has been paid by CNN and NBC News over $100,000 to tell his fake story to them, plus he has been given a bonus of $175,000 by the DNC AKA the Clinton Campaign, but it still not done yet, the IRS as of yesterday has placed his file on hold and will no longer go after Mr. Khan and his wife for the back taxes due.

So what does this tell America about Mr. Khan? Yes his son was a brave solider who gave his life to protect his troops and he did the most honorable thing any person could do, God Bless Him, but his father has used his death to make money and settle his debts, this is not what a Gold Star family should ever represent. Mr. Khan is a fake not a man who his son would be proud of today.

Does not matter if Mr.Khan is a member or supports the Muslims Brotherhood it plays nothing into this at all , it’s not illegal to support or be a member of that organization, what does matter is the fake story written for him and the copy of the Constitution given to him before he went on stage, all the money he got from the Campaign and News Organization, and the IRS placing his taxes on hold, this matters America, that if you are willing to disparage the another candidate you will be rewarded not only by the Campaign the DNC and the NEWS but by our Government.