CNN Blackmail #ThugNews

CNN has crossed the line from News to #FakeNews to #ThugNews it appears they blackmailed the poor kid who created and posted the very funny Trump takes down CNN version of the WWE event where then just Donald Trump not President Trump took down Vince Mcmahon. Now the WWE is just Fake Sports and the video remake was hilarious one that has gotten over 300,000 Retweets on Twitter, and CNN deserved it for all the Fake News they keep having to remove from their Website and so called News Channel.

So what has CNN done now, well if the stories are true and knowing CNN they are, they tracked down the kid who made the video on Reddit and they blackmailed him into apologizing. This is pure Thug behavior, how can CNN be allowed an FCC license or be called a News Channel anymore, if this is the behavior we have from one Fake News Channel, then we have to call the others like MSNBC into question, first of all they don’t hate President Trump, they hate all the American people who elected him with such vulgar that it can be seen on every broadcast they do. Our News has really become the enemy of the people, they don’t dig anymore to find the truth they just report anything that comes into their little minds against President Trump, and so doing against every person that voted for him. Thug News is all we have, anyone who steps up against them, gets a little attention they will lie about them blackmail them into submission.

The time has come for News to become News again for the 6 big corporations that own 90% of all televised and print news to be broken up and the News organization sold off to smaller companies who only focus on the News not on how much money they can make off advertisers for tricking people into watching them. News is important and real News matters, but we don’t have News anymore we have gossip channels, everyone of them trying to get better ratings so they can charge more for advertising to sell us garbage that half the time does not work anyway.

Mr. President the FCC and courts must breakup the News you’re going to have to take a page out the Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt and break them up into small companies that really report the news not just make profits off Fake Stories.