Cruz Sex Scandal

Granted it is the National Enquirer, However, that said, they have been unfortunately accurate for more than a few presidential hopefuls: Gary Hart, Jesse Jackson and John Edwards to name a few of the more infamous examples, John Edwards they were dead right and it was the cause of him being busted, so are they right on Ted Cruz, it appears that Ted may have had at least one affair, with someone that worked for him in Washington DC, this affair is linked in part to Heidi Cruz’s breakdown.

Look about 70 percent of married men admitted to cheating on their wives! Another study found that 2/3 of women are not aware of their husband’s affair. How much does this number go up for powerful men? Men that work far away from their wives and have young women who admire them? No real idea but best guess is that the number goes up from 70% to 99%. So did Ted cheat on his wife? most likely yes. Does this disqualify him running for President no it does not, but there is a bigger issue then the affair or affairs, and that issue is the lies, right now CBS is working on the story and what I have heard is they have some solid proof, will they run the story now? No! The News game is the get the most attention and cause the most pain for someone, so they will most likely run the story either just before the Republican Convention or if Ted looks like he might win the nomination then somewhere between August to late September, so they can better effect the elections.

Did Ted have an affair the answer again is most likely yes, and all of Ted Cruz supporters need to be ready when this story breaks, and before you jump all over me saying I must support Trump to say something so horrible about Ted. Remember that men 70% of you have had affairs and ladies 2/3 of you don’t know that your man has done this, Ted is not a saint he is just a man a good man a very good man, but still just a man. What will bring Ted crashing down is not SEX with whoever, it is the lies. Right now he is kind of telling half truths around lies covering as best as he can hoping it will just go away, but this story has legs and will come out and either CBS CNN or all of them will hit the air waves beating on Ted, their stories will start with his affairs, then a day or so after it will focus on the lies that Ted told about the affairs, breaking down into a stories asking questions about money favors and did Ted ever break the law, this is how the news game is played, this is war you can’t win by hiding. Ted needs to come out now with his wife and admit it, say yes I made some mistakes we had hit a rough part in our marriage, but we worked it out and love each other more today then ever.

This is how you defeat this story and win; Truth matters more then anything else and the America People would rise up in YUGE numbers to support you Ted, we would all rally behind you, making sure that you won the nomination and you would beat Hillary or maybe Bernie so bad that the Democratic party would feel the pain for decades. There is a small window still open for you Ted suggest you use it, CBS has story coming out, the other Networks I am sure they are all digging and salivating over bringing you down, so do what is right do it fast and win, hide tell lies and you will go down in history as another failed politician.