No to DACA

To Defend DACA or not to defend DACA? That is the question. Whether it is nobler in the United States to forgive kids brought over by their parents or do we send them back to a country they have never seen. This is the question, but it’s one our President should not have to make. This is something our feckless congress, who only seems to pass bills that benefits their own pockets, has not taken up or even care about. No matter what President Trump does he will be vilified by one side or the other. Obama was never challenged, the court rarely did, he ran the government with no help from Congress and did whatever he wanted. President Trump is trying to change this, by forcing congress to get up off their fat lazy asses and to write laws that lobbyists don’t write for them but laws that made sense for America.

Frankly I’m torn on this issue, kids should never be used as pawns and should have the chance to grow up here and contribute to America. On the other hand, these kids were brought over by parents who are illegals and we have laws that must be followed, or why have any laws at all? This is why a President should never have made this decision “OBAMA” and it’s why President Trump may rescind this executive order and force Congress to do its job.

DACA is not about kids or the right to be American, it’s about our immigration laws that need to be fixed and made fair to all. A President should never have to write an executive order to handle things the Congress could do easily, but today Congress is not about writing laws for the people. It’s about keeping their jobs getting lobbyists to pay for their lifestyle and getting a cushy job with a lobbyist firm when they leave Congress. All you need to do is look at the bank accounts of any Congressmen or Senator, most were getting by when they came to Washington, most leave mega rich.

The question comes down to how do we make immigration fair? All the DACA does is kick the can down the road, it does not fix anything, it gives congress another excuse not to do their jobs. Then comes the question of how have these so-called dreamers grown up in America, most I would say are good kids, but the few haters out there make every one of them appear to be American haters not dreamers. Again, I’m torn if we let any President write an executive order over stepping our laws, why have laws? It’s the congresses’ jobs to make the laws and it’s time we put their feet to the fire. Both Democrats and Republicans and not allow lobbyists to write the law for them but force them to listen to the people in their States and Districts then come back to D.C. and pass a law that America can live with.