The Democrats will say and do anything to make sure that Hillary Clinton becomes the 45th President of the Divided States of America. In truth President Obama does not care for Hillary one little bit, but what he does care about is his legacy which is about to go up in flames if he allows President Elect @realDonaldTrump to take office on Jan 20th, so Obama HIS CIA HIS Government is trying to find any excuse to stop Trump from taking office.The question is can it be done?

The easiest and legal way was the recount asked for by Hillary Clinton and done through Jill Stein but this failed and Trump actually picked up votes, so now comes the #FakeNews media blitz about Russian hackers who never breached even one voting machine but who NOW are said to have influenced voters by releasing TRUE emails from @TheDemocrats and Hillary’s puppet master @johnpodesta the problem is these emails and their effect on Democrats go back over 7 months @DWStweets had to quit the DNC because she was caught lying and trying to help Hillary beat @BernieSanders then we @donnabrazile who worked for @CNN and got debate question from them she gave to @HillaryClinton now this alone should have forced Hillary to drop out of the race but of course she’s a Democrat and part of the most corrupt party America has ever seen so she stayed in and she lost.

So question comes down to WHY would they keep up this fight, if it was Russia that hacked them then Thank you @Russia thank you Putin for showing America how evil these people really are. Again if it was Russia why would they want Trump, he’s going to rebuild our Military make America First he his putting up for nomination one best choices ever for Secretary of State a man who knows Putin and is friends with him NO RESET REQUIRED this could mean really working with Russia to defeat ISIS stopping Russia from further aggression in the Ukraine, it could mean 2 of the most powerful Countries in the world working as one to take on China who is a major threat and has been expanding their territories in the South China sea threatening shipping routes and countries that don’t see there way.

Frankly we need Russia as an ally not an enemy and this what Washington DC and its Political hacks don’t get today we are fighting Radical Islam spending Trillions of dollars and borrowing from China, while China continues to manipulate their currency, make all our products produce a lot of our food and expand their territories, is China our enemy not yet, if we allow them to keep growing producing our food paying our bills, then yes they will be, China does not think in days weeks or years they think future and they don’t need to go to war to control the world all they need to do is keep expanding keep paying our bills feeding our people and one day just STOP and America would fall crash into the abyss never to be seen again.

If Russia hacked the Democrats if this is true then Thank You again Putin, now we need to work with them to and create a partnership that makes sure Americas First jobs in America reduce our debt to China and start producing our own food and goods in America, if we do this we stay strong if we listen to the HATE Russia idiots in Washington DC then in 30 to 50 years there will be no America just China’s puppet.

So the only other way Hillary has any possibility to win is if the Electoral College failed to give Trump his 270 votes this would push the election over to the House of Representatives which is run by the @GOP and you would assume they would choose Trump, but would they? In Truth this not going to happen its last ditch effort to save Hillary, but there is an issue if Obama’s CIA puppets can make a call saying Trump was working with the Russians then could he take power? frankly I think so but how would the country react that’s the question there is not need for our CIA or Obama to prove anything all they have to do is make a strong allegation.


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