Germany Has Declared WWIII On Itself

Jan 6, 2016 · 2 min read
Germans WWIII

By allowing 1,000,000 Muslim Men to enter the Country Germany declared war on itself, over New Years at least 90 women were raped by gangs this string of sex assaults and robberies happened during New Year’s celebrations in Cologne Germany and it has fueled debate about the country’s ability to integrate large numbers of refugees after police said that men who targeted dozens of women in the western city of Cologne appeared to be of “Arab or North African origin” This men broken into groups of 1,000's roamed the city committing rapes and robberies, does this remind you how the Nazi’s acted in the 1930's Germany, because it seems that this time you are the victims one created by your Government again, only in this case you have been invaded.

Political leaders including Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned the attacks, though many also warned against hasty conclusions about the perpetrators. Who else could it be? But to some Germans already uneasy about the one million asylum-seekers their country took in last year the incident seemed to confirm simmering fears.

“Is this the ‘cosmopolitan and colorful’ Germany that Merkel wished for?” asked Frauke Petry, leader of the nationalist party Alternative for Germany. It appears as if a New World War has begun in Germany one they may lose again, but this time the war is being wage in their Country though it is likely to spread through out Europe.

All you have to do is look at England our closest ally where British lawmakers will debate later this month whether Trump’s call for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States is a reason to prevent him from coming to Britain.

“Westminster would create a dangerous precedent and send a terrible message to the world that the United Kingdom opposes free speech,” George Sorial, executive vice president and counsel for the Trump Organization, told Fox News in a statement.

Several British officials blasted Trump’s proposal following the Dec. 2 terror attack in San Bernardino, Calif., with Prime Minister David Cameron calling the idea “divisive, unhelpful and quite simply wrong” in a break from the convention that British officials keep their opinions about U.S. presidential candidates to themselves. Today’s it Europe tomorrow it will be here America.


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