Hillary Supports Rape

Well just take a look at the history of Hillary Clinton

She defended a child rapist and laughed when she got him off of the charges. Her husband has been accused of rape at least three times and she stood by him and came out to destroy the women who accused him, she has never supported a women who has suffered rape nor has she ever stood up against a man accused of rape, so the conclusion is Hillary supports Rape. Hillary has many faces she has changed her views and her opinions on almost very single subject, but there is one subject she has never other then in a speech to try and abuse Donald Trump she has always supported the rapist.

So the conclusion is that Hillary supports Rape, there is no other way to judge person other then by their actions, and each time Hillary had a chance to stand by women who has been raped Hillary has stood by the man who was accused and committed the crime. The time has come to speak the truth and to call out anyone who supports crime or criminals and in Hillary case she says she is the one person who supports women’s rights, when the truth is that she the worst women to stand up and claim she is for women.

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