It is Time to Take Back America

It is time for We the People to Take Back America, today we hear what the @GOP the establishment thinks about all of us, they truly hate us, they have no respect for how we feel what we care about, and they really hate who we are voting for, @RealDonaldTrump @TedCruz the two most hated men by the Washington elites, who are so afraid that one of these GREAT men might just win the nomination to run against a True criminal who is under @FBI investigation for the crime of Treason, since inside information says that some of her emails, along with the Clinton Foundation may have sold US secrets. But Washington does not care, they only care that their cash cow is being hurt, because if Cruz or Trump wins, they will lose their all their inside access and might even prosecuted.

Today @MittRomney is going to make a Hate Speech, will this speech talk about the crimes that Hillary and Bill have committed NO! will it talk about how the GOP insiders have been stealing from us all NO! instead he will pull a Harry Reid and tell LIES about Donald Trump and most likely Ted Cruz, he will say that he is only a good man who wants justice, when in Truth he is paid spokes person, who is under investigation, by the IRS and FBI for fraud.

Mitt will make claims with no proof, he will slander Trump Slander Cruz and SLANDER all of us, nicely saying that we all are to stupid to know what we are doing, he may even say that he is now joining the Race to become President which will make him a JEB! just another bought and paid for Politician

Now please know that we are going to be coming out in support of @MarcoRubio we have held off because of his child like behavior recently, but we do think he is the right person for the Job, a basically honest, man who cares. But this does not mean we will stand by and watch the Washington elites try and destroy the fair election of who the People want.

AppSame is a Corporation that has a little over $27,000,000 in the bank, we traditionally don’t waste money on TV ads Radio, instead we work with other groups, we help support them and help them build, but after talks with the people who invest in us, we will be launching a Media blitz to come out against GOP main stream elites and Hillary Clinton, so Mitt you and your buddies, better watch out we don’t play nice we don’t play fair, we attack with Truth and Facts and we shine the light on everything you have been doing.

America we have all heard enough lies its time to shine the Truth on what Washington has been doing.