Our News The Real Russian Spies

The Mainstream Media all of them from CNN to Associated Press all seem to have World ending News about President Trump and Russia, the problem is that 99.99% of the stories have no sources no names no facts just some reporters imagination. Then we have spies inside our own Government giving out information on General Flynn to the News, are these traitors really Russian spies that the Media is listening to? Take a look at the Washington Post they have run a Russian promo piece in their News Paper for years, so has the New York Times, the Media has always loved Russia. most of the so called Journalist out there believe in Russian ideals more then they believe in America. Are the real Russian spies our Media? All the facts point to yes, the Russians fear President Trump, they fear a rebuilt US Military, they fear America being less dependent on foreign oil and us selling our excess oil to Europe, and all Media outlets are doing all they can to make President Trump look like a Russian spy, when if you look at the facts, the real spies might be our own Pravda News Groups.

Every Major News Group wanted Hillary Clinton to win, the person that sold 20% of our Uranium to Russia,not one of them ever made a fuss about this and if you look deep into their ownership you’ll see they all have large Russian stock holders, and you have to assume that these stock holders are throwing their weight around and telling them how to report their News. Even the Washington Post own by Jeff Bezos the CEO of Amazon has large Russian investors and Amazon now has to pay large fines for selling goods to Iran, none of them are clean and none of them are independent, they are all owned by large conglomerates who have very large investments from Russia, and they don’t want piss off the Kremlin which controls their investors, so they are going full on after President Trump to stop him from rebuilding America.

Russia is testing us now, they have a Spy Ship off Delaware, they just move a nuclear missile, and fighter planes buzzing our Ships, if Russia owns anyone its our NEWS not President Trump.

Ask yourself three questions

Since the Mainstream Media has large Russian investors do you TRUST their reporting on Russia and President Trump?

Why didn't the News ever really care about Hillary selling OUR Uranium to Russia?

Can you really TRUST the News after all the Fake News they have put out over the past few years?