Tearing down the past makes it relevant

Today in Germany there are more Hitler lovers then in the past 30 yrs People in Iraq wish Saddam was their leader again, in Libya they want Qaddafi back.

By tearing down Confederate statues all we are doing is making people forget the hate and want the past back. Our nation is divided the more we remove symbols of our past the easier it is for people to think they were heroes and want their type of rule back. You can never erase history, the deeper your bury it the stronger it comes back, villains become heroes and those new heroes become fuel the leaders of hate need to build.

We must leave our past teach our kids who they were and what they did wrong, we cannot allow our past to come back stronger more evil next time, remembering the past allows to not make the same mistakes twice, today it is statues tomorrow it will be TV shows and Movies and Books, the more we forget the more we allow the past to come back.