Patriots VS ISIL = Oregon VS Baltimore

Patriots = Americans who care how their Country is run

Now no matter what happens in Oregon these Americans believe that their freedoms are being taken away by the government and they are standing up for their rights, they have done nothing violent and only want to be listen to but our Main Stream News is already calling them evil acting as if because they own guns and stand up for their rights that they are the enemy. The fact of the matter is these are everyday Americans who want to just be left alone by our government, they pay their taxes follow the law and only want to live a peaceful life, but our government interferes with everything and they are taking away more and more of Americans rights. What happened to Hammond family was just the spark that lit this fire, it has smoldering for years, now I don’t think anyone will fire a shot here other then maybe our government, but I do think this group of Americans needs the the support of everyone.

ISIL = The Islamic State is Left

Now yes I know what ISIL really stands for, but today we are seeing people in America acting like Islamic Terrorists, burning down their cities and abusing the Police force, this is an ISIS strategy and one that is today being used by the left to create havoc destroying towns then forcing everyday Americans to pay for the destruction.

Not all but most of these people don’t have jobs they live off the government and they want more, they won’t work for it but they will riot for it. They want you and I to give them free everything and then to sit back as they complain that the rich are bad and that they deserve more, this is society today, one that government panders to and that politicians offer more free stuff so they get their votes. This is Americas ISIL they want everything and either we give it to them or they attack.

It is Time to #WakeUpAmerica

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