#WakeUpAmerica Obama/Hillary Built ISIS

#WakeUpAmerica and really #WakeUpRepublicans the time as come when we can’t fight each other, we are weeks away from the Iowa and New Hampshire Primaries, support who you want but no matter who wins, we must take back the White House, or we will lose our Country completely, the world knows that Obama/Hillary built ISIS, we have had attacks in France rapes in Germany and Sweden, a plane blown out of the sky in Egypt and an attack last night attack in Jakarta, not to mention all the attacks all over the middle-east, the only reason World Leaders don’t come out and condemn America, is that we are still the most powerful Country in the World and we help every Countries fund their Governments, so they just shut up and take it or they will suffer Obama’s vengeance. Then of course we had San Bernardino, where the FBI and local police have been told to stay quiet, and the so called News Worldwide hides the Truth so the public, knows little to nothing about all attacks and rapes done by Muslims, why are they hiding them? To protect themselves or to protect Obama and Hillary? Yes this sounds very conspiratorial, but between the attacks and rapes going on Worldwide there has to be more to the story then we are being told.

Why would anyone try to protect ISIS? Well if you made the mistake of building a JV Team that turned into a Super Star of murder and rape, you might what the World to stay quite. This is what Obama/Hillary built by pulling out of Iraq and before that by limiting the US military taking action against known terrorist, then we have the way this terror group and others communicate Via Twitter, Facebook and now private encrypted text messaging,why does our government not shut this down ? Do companies like Twitter have the power to do what they want? Or does our government not care enough to stop them?