We are for Trump Why?

We waited asked questions of everyone running looked deep into who they were what they represented, but stayed on the sideline until there was only one who could win the nomination outright, and this is Donald J Trump,no he is not perfect he does have a downside, but is upside is what matters and yes he can beat the criminal Hillary Clinton and can bring a lot of Bernie Sanders supporters with him, they are kids who want a free stuff until school ends and they get jobs then they figure out nothing is free, most of them will not support Hillary but they will support Trump who offers them a better future. Now Die Hard conservatives are screaming no Bernie supporters!!!!! But the Truth is we are all Americans and if Bernie supporters join then we WIN!!!

To all the Ted Cruz fans, it is time we all jump on board and get ready to take back the White House, a contested convention in 2016 is the biggest mistake the GOP can make, I know many of you will say that Abe Lincoln won in a contested convention but Wake Up he did this when Slavery was still the law there was no TV Internet Facebook or Twitter. Today America would be torn apart, that Trump losing when he has over 400 delegates more then Ted and Ted could get the nomination NO! Trump has already surpassed Mitt Romney in votes and the Primary Season is not over yet, so Ted thinking he could win the general election is not a joke it is a calamity, millions of voters would stay home, Hillary would get all the Bernie Sanders voters and would easily win the White House.

Indiana yes you matter, Trump does not have to win there to get the nomination, but by winning Ted would do the honorable thing and drop out HOPEFULLY, thus giving the GOP one person to back one person to stand with and win. No I don't agree with everything Trump says, but I do think he is the right man for office now, and think if we all got behind him we would have a business man running the country not a politician and this is what America needs right now, someone who thinks and reacts to things with America in mind, not with their own agenda but in the best interest of the country.

So Why Trump? three reasons #1 he is the only person who can win the nomination outright #2 he cares about winning being liked and respected, this means he will do what is right for America #3 Hillary Clinton is a criminal and Trump is the only one who can bring in Bernie Sanders supporters along with the millions that will vote for him now.

America First so Jump on board and together Lets Make America Great Again!!!!!!