What would I do if I won the Lottery

This is the first time I am going to play in many years, why? Because $1.3B and yes I know the chances are slim to none but what if, I mean really what would I do? I can tell you this the minute I decided to buy lottery tickets I went out on www.zillow.com and did some fantasy home shopping and what I picked out surprised me, I found a home in California for $800,000 one which I just love and even when I don’t win I will most likely buy it, other then that I am happy my wife and I own a nice house, we have great kids and I have a large family all who work hard and wonderful people, thanks Mom and Dad. So what would I really do, well I took out my calculator and did the math.

To start out I would spoil myself and buy a car nothing to expensive I am not a big car person but there is one I want, it looks so cool and darn I really want one, other then that I am happy so that is $140,000 out of $700,000,000 I would get, guess I need to spend more.

Charities always need money and there are a few good ones, but I would be very careful choosing, so I would give a few million to homes for hero's and a few to Police groups, other then that no, I just don’t trust many of them, Sorry Clinton Foundation won’t pay for your lifestyle. So what would I do, I might start my own, a simple one building homes and helping with education in Detroit, but this would require that everyone it helped out would have to go to work building their own companies hiring and paying their own bills, charity does not mean just giving away money, it means helping people build their own lives and supporting themselves. So say a total of $10,000,000 this still leaves me with a ton so how do I spend more?

Now we have kids and so do most of my brothers, so many for school, yes private schools the best, so our kids learn and have an education that gives them a chance to do anything in this word so that is 12 kids times $50,000 per year equals around $10,000,000 then we have college so say $6,000,000 I still have a ton more money this is hard.

Traveling I would love to go see the world but sorry France sorry England and heck no Germany but not going to see you ever again, so where Italy, Spain love both and would love to spend more time in both and might end up buying a place in Italy so say $3,000,000 it would be a really nice place, if you are going to buy a place oversea you might as well buy a nice one right? OK so with travel buying a place overseas I only spent say $3,500,000 I have to spend more this how to do it.

The future of the family,well we all die and must leave our kids a leg up on life not only money but a great life up with values that give them the ability to choose their own lives no matter what they want to become. So trust funds that they can’t touch until they are 25 years old and then trusts for their kids to cover college and their futures, so lets say $2,000,000 per kid plus $2,000,000 per grand kids nieces and nephews this equals best guess $60,000,000 plus some so say in total $72,000,000 and I just cracked $100,000,000 still have $600,000,000 and no you can’t have any of it!

So now I can get selfish the problem is I don’t spend that much, so say that I spend a total of $1,000,000 a year on me myself and I have no idea how what but lets say I do that for the next 20 years BOY I would be old that means $20,000,000 OK I am out of ideas here but I can tell you what I would never spend money on, the list is long so I will break it down for you into a simple easy to read list.

I would never run for office, start a SUPER PAC, give to a SUPER PAC, would never support a cause that was not fully one believed in. Would never buy a Politician they all have been used and abused and are not worth my money, would never give to Black Lives Matter or any hate group. would never give to Planned Parenthood not a PENNY,wold never give a Cent to Syrian Refugees or any refugees.

What I might give to is groups that help educate and help others build their own bushiness other then that its my money and no Bernie Sanders no Hillary Clinton and Hell no Democratic Party I will never give you a single cent.

In the end it is my money if I won the first thing I would do is start a corporation and hide the fact that I won, so all the idiots begging for money won’t know I have any.