Why Groups like RedNationRising Matter

Groups like #RedNationRising are made up of everyday Americans sick of what has been going on, they are not funded by big money in most cases they have no funding, but they keep up the fight, this is what TEA PARTY started as, people who cared, today unfortunately the TEA PARTY is ragtag groups spread out everywhere, all with different agendas and no real leadership, some are very well funded, some bought off, and then we have groups like RedNationRising who are made up by everyday normal Americans who care, I mean they really care how are Country is run, they want values in government and for politicians to speak those awful words TRUTH.

Now there are people and groups like the Koch Brothers Paul Singer Sheldon Adelson and Karl Rove along with all their groups that will spend over ONE BILLION DOLLARS this year and they have will little to no effect on the elections WHY? Because they forgot about the people. Groups like RedNationRising have a Hash Tag #RedNationRising this simple tag which has been used over 1 Billion times every Red Blooded American knows this Hash Tag and uses just like many use #WakeUpAmerica which is used and promoted by Eric Bolling on Fox News, the difference is they don’t have TV show or Network and they get more attention then anyone else, this is what everyone wants to do, they want get their word out to people who listen, so why has no one funded them? That's a good question, best guess is that no one in America knows how to get a hold of the Big Money people and since they don’t seem to really listen to what the people are saying they don’t know who is deserving of funding. It is time all the big money groups open their ears and listen RedNationRising is one group, there are many more like them out there and many many people who would build their own groups if they thought that they would just be listened to.

America we are a time when big money seems to matter more then the vote, now big money is not bad if it is spent right but in today's self obsessed world where everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame, TV commercials and Radio really don’t work anymore, people want to have a voice for good or bad, this means that it takes less money to make a huge impact. So to all the big money out there look at groups like RedNationRising they will make a bigger impact then your million dollar ad buy.

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