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In the space of time it takes you to read this blog post and finish your morning coffee, a company at the vanguard of DevSecOps, such as Etsy, Amazon or Netflix, will have completed yet another deployment — one of potentially thousands per day. Deployment frequency has accelerated to a pace that would have been unthinkable just six years ago, often at the cost of robust security assurance of the code under development. …

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SQL Injection

Primer on SQL Injection (SQLi)

SQL Injection (SQLi) refers to an injection attack wherein an attacker can execute malicious SQL statements that control a web application’s relational database server. In order for an SQL Injection attack to take place, the vulnerable website needs to run user input that fails to enforce proper escaping and encoding and runs user inputs as an SQL statement.

SQLi on node-sql

module name: sql version: 0.78.0 npm page:
During research it stumble upon a node-sql module that supports various SQL dialects such as PostgreSQL, mysql, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and sqlite dialects but fails to perform necessary escaping, making it vulnerable to potential SQL injection. sql module constructs SQL queries from structured input, and the problem is that it doesn’t do proper escaping of limit/offset parameters, so in setups where those are user-controlled (e.g. …

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Every passing year, software development is disrupting many industries. In this commoditized market, cost-to-company, application security and time-to-market are the only basis of competition. Threat modeling is one of many tools in the arsenal that allows company to leverage consistency and clarity. However the main apprehension surrounding threat modeling is community is not able to agree on the vocabulary. For example, Microsoft security published a threat modeling book and tool and still suffers divergence between the STRIDE/DREAD camp and security testers on what it means to threat model. …

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