Fashion Industry Allure

The fashion industry is like a “revolving wheel”. More appropriately, we should use a simile relevant to clothing or textiles. It is better for us to say that the fashion industry is like a “spinning wheel” (a spinning wheel is a device for spinning thread or yarn from natural or synthetic fibers). Round and round the industry goes. Spinning in what appears to be an endless motion of innovative design and product creation. Although it occasionally slows for minor repair or adjustment, it continues on with a set mission to accomplish.

Spinning Wheel Panting — St. Elisabeth of Hungary

Over the years many new players & brands come and go, but the industry as a whole continues to spin along its course unaltered in regard to significance. Each year the business is graced with new designers, stylists, factories, boutiques, etc. Although the participants and trends often change, the industry does not skip a beat.

As quick as new resources enter the market, others tend to leave the business at a similar pace. A clothing brand that was a leader for years, can go out of favor at a moment’s notice. Historically significant department stores that we think will stand the test of time actual may wane as fickle consumers effect the stores financial security. While the brands or retail operations decline so does the need for employment at the company behind involved. Fortunately for the industry, more often than not, a new brand picks up the baton and takes steps toward becoming an internationally recognized member of the fashion community.

What is the allure to the fashion industry?

Fashion Boutique

Although many fail, the apparel industry receives a new crop of emerging designers season after season. Why is the garment business so popular? Obviously attending fashion week and viewing beautiful fashion models would be rather appealing. But this clearly can’t be a valid enough reason for so many people to eagerly seek a job in fashion. One theory is that the fashion industry is similar to the restaurant business in the fact that they are both easily identifiable to the majority of people. For example, “I enjoy cooking and my friends like what I have prepared. Therefore, I should be able to operate a successful restaurant”. Similarly, “I have an excellent sense of fashion and all my friends tell me I dress exquisitely all the time. Therefore, I can easily become a designer of clothing, shoes, or accessories”. This sort of reasoning is exactly why so many companies go out of business. Developing a profitable apparel company is actually very complex. Just because you picked out a lovely pair of shoes when you went shopping at Neiman Marcus, it does not mean you understand care labeling rules & regulations, import duty rates, fabric consumption, or quality control. The apparel industry goes way beyond what one might expect at first glance.

The theory that I maintain is that the majority of people believe “creating a successful fashion brand is a simple task”. Let me be clear… I personally do NOT think it is easy. However, I think that “most people” do think it is easy. Because an outside viewer may believe the fashion industry is simple, there is always a huge line outside the door of our industry. When one designer steps out of the business, a new one is eager to enter. The allure of our business is compelling indeed.

Why do you think people are drawn to the clothing & footwear industry?

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