Various Display Forms of App Screenshots on App Store

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When we look for an app on App Store, the first things coming to us are the screenshots which account for much space. The screenshots directly show users the functions and features of an app. Therefore, developers should use this part to the most to show the main style and eye-catching points of the app from various respects.

1. Screen Captures

On App Store, developers display their apps using the screenshots captures by phone. This is the most common and popular form. However, on the account of the truth that most developers choose it, it may lack of creativeness.

For developers, this form costs less time and energy, turning on cellphone and take a capture without any polishing or with little polishing (e.g. add some brief text description). For users, they can directly know what the app looks when using. But they may also feel that this form seems to be same like so many apps.

2. Real Phone Screenshot

Put the screenshots on a real phone form with title at the top.

This “real phone + title” form is welcomed by many developers. It is more original than the first type and easier to resonate users on App Store.

Generally real phone screenshots are showed as:

· Use all/part of the phone (researches shows that all of the phone has better effects)

· Highlight the important texts (strong/bold/background)

· 1–2 lines of texts

3. Real Phone Augmented Screenshot

Add some creative elements based on the real phone screenshots. The creative elements like cartoon contents will catch users’ eyes and make them spend more time on your product page. The form has the following features:

· Attractive background — — arouse users’ interests

· Dark pictures — — make texts clear

· Same style of texts and apps

· Display of the features and UI style

4. Animated Phone Screenshot

This form of animated phone screenshots has become a new trend on App Store. But based on the research, the form doesn’t bring much conversion rate as imagine.

The animated phone screenshot means the animated design of real phone screenshot. The form doesn’t show real phone but the animated effect can attract some users.

5. Animated Phone Augmented Screenshot

Make the animated phone screenshot has more sense of design and sense of fashion. This form is suitable for well-known brand. These apps want to show their style and contents to the most on App Store. Under the style, the real phone can be designed as customized style.

6. Dual-Phone Screenshot

When the first app who uses dual-phone style appears, many users are attracted by its product page. This kind of design style can make users get more information about the app without rolling screen repeatedly. At the same time, dual-phone screenshots help to show overall features of an app.

As appbi data researched, dual-phone screenshots form is more suitable for communicative apps or social apps.

7. Real Image Screenshot

Many overseas apps use real image screenshots on App Store. The form can catch users’ eyes. Though some images showing the features that users don’t really want to try, it more or less shows real cases. Also, this form can be augmented by some original elements to make the full screenshot alive. For example, the light of a scanner is added in the image.

8. Coherent Story Screenshot

Through researching various kinds of screenshots on App Store, we find that the coherent story screenshot form is also a new trend. The form provides a special visual experience for users and help users get more app details, expressing more contents by fewer words and combining coherent design style to catch attraction.

9. Combined Phone Screenshot

This form is not common but welcomed by some creative developers. In this form, the first two screenshots are combines as one. Each of them has own features and the combination of them has new effects which attract users.

10. Horizontal Screenshot

The above shows the vertical screenshots. And this form is horizontal. The form is welcomed by many developers, especially for games. Horizontal screenshots make users more impressed and save the scrolling time.

There are various kinds of screenshots can be showed on App Store. More new creative ones are waiting for you to design. Appbi data will constantly share you more news about Apple App Store.