First came nap pods, then came Pawternity leave. Now we have entered the age of Employee Engagement.

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What is Employee Engagement?

If you use LinkedIn as a yardstick for the state of office politics, it seems that the engagement & retention of staff is high on the agenda of managers across the land. Everyone’s least favourite LinkedIn users Oleg & Bridgette steal content on the matter daily. So you know it must be important.

But if you are behind the curve on this one then I am here to fill in some of the blanks. …

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What’s the biggest killer of productivity in business?

An empty desk.

A scene we see often enough: an employee leaves a business unexpectedly, leaving their desk (and position) empty. Wanting to maintain the cultural environment, the business won’t bring just anyone in to replace them.

I am here to offer you a solution… use the Gig Economy.

Shooting to mainstream fame through Uber & Deliveroo, the Gig Economy is a marketplace for workers paid by a business as a resource as opposed to an employee. Working on a ‘piece rate’ basis, Gig Economists in the Tech & Digital market will…

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If you have ever spent longer than 15 minutes on LinkedIn, there is a very good chance that you have seen:

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Moving jobs is well known for being a very stressful time; only beaten by having children or getting married! It’s definitely up there with moving house.

There are many aspects of a job search that can cause stress & anxiety in recruitment.

  • Filling in endless application forms
  • Uploading your details to every job board known to man
  • Endless calls from Recruitment professionals
  • Sneaking off to take calls during the working day
  • Researching & preparing for interviews
  • Negotiating your offer
  • Handing in your notice

But wait; what if we told you there was a way to avoid a lot of the…

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A familiar scene in the recruitment world; you have accepted a job offer with a new company and the next step is to hand in your notice to your current employer. Shocked by the fact you wish to leave, they hit you with a counter-offer.

Dilemma strikes.

Moving jobs is a big decision and can be a very unnerving experience. Therefore, the offer of a pay rise and the feeling of being wanted can make it a little too easy to remain within your comfort zone and stay put.

However, it is important to note that handing in your resignation…

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Automated Test Developers

In September of last year, I spoke about the trends in the world of Software Testing & QA in 2018. A major trend across the year that seems to have continued into early 2019 is the consideration that automated testers are, by definition, software developers.

In the 2018 ‘State of Testing’ report published by QA Blog, 46% of respondents claimed that they spent less than 75% of their time on testing related activities.

This aligns with my own experiences of the market, as more and more businesses look for multi-skilled testing engineers that can develop products as well as assuring…

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David Travis | Unsplash

What is agile working?

Agile working refers to the refining and streamlines of processes & systems with the goal of delivering results in a timelier fashion.

The Association for Project Management (APM) define agile working as an approach that views a project with a dynamism that allows work to be started without a clear end goal in place, with review checkpoints along the way to manage progress.

The main benefit of this style is its ability to provide results from a very early stage. Negating the need for long and drawn out discussions of what success will look like for the project.

In software…

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Image | Rawpixel from Unsplash

Artificial intelligence started life as a story-telling device used by Mary Shelley in her novel, Frankenstein. I’m sure we all remember how this went down with the village locals! To a certain extent, real-life artificial intelligence has received a similar pushback from the world community as people struggle to trust a mathematical equation to make decisions that will impact their lives. In real-world artificial intelligence refers to the algorithms that have been developed by mathematical processes to allow a computer to analyse a situation and recommend the best course of action for the user to take. A simple example of…

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