whatever that really is.
The trouble with blaming it all on “Lad Culture”
Ben Chadwick

Perhaps this article would have been stronger if you had a working definition of what lad culture is, and how this behaviour isn’t representative of it. It’s nebulous, yes, and the discussion around this topic always needs more nuance than the popular press is going to give it, but whether you call it lad culture, rape culture, or plain societal inequality and prejudice, there’s a metadiscussion to be had about the nature of this group’s behaviour that goes past the particulars of this incident, but also goes past a simple discussion of indelible online sharing and of privacy online. There’s something in the discussion is lad culture, or however you want to define the societal problem we can all recognise in this group.

But like I said, I respect that this article still brings more nuance to the conversation. It’s worth remembering that vilifying these perpetrators and making them into monsters doesn’t help us address the wrong committed outside of the nebulous lad culture, with all its plausible deniability.