Negativity — What’s with all the Apple hate?

Everybody hates Apple these days. Go on YouTube, Twitter, or look at the comment section of any article about Apple. You’ll see a lot of hate. YouTube is the worst place at the moment. There’s a ton of videos hating on Apple. “DO NOT BUY the Apple Watch” says one. Oh, and we can’t forget the nonsense that was bendgate can we?

So what is it with all this? Despite the hate, Apple’s doing better than ever. The iPhone is finally back at the top spot, as the highest selling phone, and Apple had the biggest quarter of any company in history a few months ago. So this hate isn’t hurting Apple.

Apple is a perfect example of clickbait. Because of their success, Apple is such a high profile target — anything about them is bound to get clicks and views. “iPhone” is a magic bullet in the mundane world of SEO; it’s often just included to get more clicks.

But what about reputable sources? You see organisations like the BBC being overly negative about Apple. The issue there is sort of the opposite of clickbait. It’s about bias. My theory is, there’s so much positive news about Apple, that anything sligltly negative needs to be extrapolated and blown out of proporton.

Apple has split the tech world extraordinarily. If Rory Cellan-Jones, the BBC’s excellent and totally non-partisan technology reporter, is so much as seen as holding an Apple product he will get streams of trolling invective from mad Apple haters. If he holds up a Samsung and licks it, none of us give a toss. It’s all become very troubling. I notice the BBC have no article in their tech page today even mentioning the Mac’s 30th birthday. I supposed they’re just scared by those weird trolls who think that Apple has them in their pay or something equally mad. — Stephen Fry

That says it all really.

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