Token Sale Reinvention: Cryptobuyer Steps onto the IEO Path

Cryptobuyer Launches IEO on Coineal!

Today, more than 40 IEOs have been published on ICObench, and we are pleased to announce that Applicature’s client Cryptobuyer, positioned as #1 company on ICObench, is launching its first Initial Exchange Offering (XPT) with, one of the TOP TEN world exchanges according to CoinMarketCap. The sale begins on April 23 at 15:00 UTC and ends on April 30 at 15:00 UTC.

Cryptobuyer is a leading crypto-asset company that facilitates the integration of digital currencies into daily life. Cryptobuyer has been operating since 2015, with real products and services such as POS, digital currency exchange, crypto ATM multi-asset machine solutions, and Bit-ATM franchises.

  • Cryptobyer is the only company in Latin America that has offered an innovative, digital, scalable crypto-ecosystem since 2015.
  • The Cryptobuyer solution provides innovative tools to spread the reach of digital currencies and integrate them into today’s industries as well as people’s daily lives.
  • Cryptobuyer has partnerships with the biggest retailers and payment processors, as well as the e-commerce platforms of LATAM.
  • Cryptobuyer was the first company to install a BTM in a commercial bank and the first Latin American company to do an IEO, as well as pioneering the BTMs franchising model.
  • Cryptobuyer’s services, product quality, and consumer trust contribute to our existing brand of ensuring fast, secure, and affordable solutions to send money.
  • We received more than $ 1,200,000 of funds from external investors, among which Invictus Capital stands out.

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The IEO as a New Phenomenon in the Crypto Market

The IEO’s recent approach to the crypto market has attracted the attention of startups with its shifted paradigm plus an alternative, upgraded fundraising model. Now, with an exchange functioning as a counterparty between founders and contributors, the initial exchange offering offers the next level of project credibility and incentive for those involved in the blockchain community.

What benefits could the IEO offer to all parties engaged in this system?

  1. Fairer and more transparent activities as a result of increased credibility ensured by exchange-expert teams
  2. User security and optimized procedures
  3. Exchange verified by AML/KYC compliance
  4. An exchange user base to cut marketing costs for the project, thereby facilitating promotional marketing campaigns.

IEO project teams must subsequently open themselves to audit in order to get endorsed by exchanges that determine project credibility with regard to legal compliance. In this way, potential contributors can access more precise information about the project and be assured of its strong history. In order to avoid missing the chance to be listed on an exchange due to perceived low-level project feasibility, the startup campaign needs to be deeply analyzed and audited.

Applicature conducts full-fledged review and due diligence on a wide range of projects. Once validated, the next step is to introduce legal advisors who assist in the formation of a legal base offering an opinion in compliance with SEC regulations. Our business analysts define criteria to evaluate your project’s token economics, technological application, potential strategy development along the roadmap, possible vulnerabilities, and settlement scenarios. After assessment, and if your project is ready to go, Applicature’s blockchain team of specialists delivers a recommendation list for upgrades. In cooperation with exchanges, we provide you the chance to have your project forwarded to a specific exchange.

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In terms of first acquisitions in this new niche of the blockchain market, we would like to mention the exchanges we are in touch with now: Binance, Bittrex, IDAX, LBank, CoinBene, Coineal, Digifinex, HitBtc, and others who have already established their launchpads for IEO.

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