How to use Pro version? calendar system offers Basic and Pro version. In this article, we will take a look at Pro version. You will find out about the features which make appointment scheduling easier and faster. Your clients will love its simplicity!

Company’s account and statistics

Company’s account is a perfect option for teams. You can invite your colleagues and track a number of meetings for the individual team member and for the specific appointment type. Invitations can be sent while creating a company account in settings (

Creating your company account and inviting additional members
Company statistics — track activity of your team members

Invited team members will receive emails from us. Please remember to buy the exact number of licenses for people who will use

Individual personal statistics will help you keep track of the number of scheduled appointments. You can see what sort of appointments perform best and how many of these appointments helped you close the deals (proportionally). You can check the performance in total and see in what days people schedule the most meetings.

Personal statistics. Number of meetings scheduled by types.

Testing different types of appointments — keep attracting more and more potential customers

You may know your customers or target group very well and know what call to actions work, and how to get them to chat with you. If so, you are very lucky. Unfortunately, it is not the same with everyone. Most of us are still looking for a perfect way to attract the potential customers. Start improving your qualifications and skills, and try to make a research on how to attract more customers. will be a perfect option to help you with the second issue.

Call? Demo? Consultations? Have you wondered what communication channel would be the most appealing to your potential clients? The most effective way is to do some simple tests with Send all options which you expect to be the best ones to the same amount of your potential clients. After some time, check out your statistics in the report section. You will be able to see how many potential customers picked each appointment. It is a great way to figure out what’s working and what’s not.

Different appointment types for different group of customers

Some customers need ten minutes of your time, some half an hour. Make sure to let them pick how much time they need. Create different appointments with different lengths and types for a different groups of customers. Let your customers pick what fits them best. Customers who require more complex solutions will need a demo and follow-up calls with feedback and the decision. You can send links to the longer meetings for more complex clients and shorter for less complicated issues.

You can use through your sales channels — for introductions and qualifying calls, demos, follow-up calls. It will work in your outbound campaigns, as your leads will be able to schedule the call within two minutes. You can read more about how to create great outbound email campaign here. Cathy from Woodpecker shared some great tips for such campaigns. will be useful in the onboarding emails as well — your sales people can put their availability for chats and demos.

You can also create a free consultation to attract more leads and qualify them during this call.

To sum it up: create different appointment types for different clients. Remember to provide different appointment types for various client-meeting related activities.

Special seasonal events is the perfect tool to take with you for the conferences. You can schedule meetings with people right away. That way you will not forget about them and they will not forget about you. There will be no need to send them follow-up emails and waiting for their reply to finally schedule an appointment. You do not have to worry about lost business cards. It is very simple and useful. Get more leads out of every conference you attend.

All the described features are available during your trial. Note that Pro allows you to have unlimited appointment types. Sign up here.

Do you have any questions regarding features I mentioned? Contact us at or schedule a short demo with us.