Anyways, let’s start over. I’m impulsive, but I want to give you a true Medium experience. An edition for your masses, this zine as it is streaming collectively down the page, allowing you to allow my black dot avatar, a status symbol that I know I haven’t felt fully worthy of yet in terms of self-appointing and having it be publicly accepted, but have in other places, it being something that I’ve become rather attached to in strange sorts of ways, like Hurley is on Lost with those numbers that bring him bad luck; although, I can’t attribute the little misfortunes I’ve had on any sort of curse brought onto me through the attaching myself to this avatar, rather more though I can say that through my connection with this black dot I have had situations open up to me like as though it were a portal connecting multiple versions of myself, like a big, ol dot right there on my forehead, third eye opening to a soul level artistry, another self, these masks we wear, but also a potent Balorian type of equippery allowing me a sixth sense sight into the souls of others whom I have come across. Thus it has put me into various situations, like I said, some negative, as power has gotten to my head as well as all of the attention, trying to hit that next high, a drug I tell you, that lightning strike feeling associated with receiving notifications making it all the while worth it, something that those of us in the industry call prayed for relief, the reason we do what we do, besides the sustenance, and by that you should by now know that I mean the means of providing for my family, as this is the career I have chosen, as foolish as that is, but having gone all in making it all the more skinful of a game, as I can’t just quit when things get tough, but have to figure out how to write through it.

Anyways, as I was saying, this, I know, is a proper enough place to write, and the new year is a proper enough place to begin anew; and there is so much stuff on the very near horizon, what with Salt Lake City, or Salt City, as you will sometimes hear me call it, birthplace of saints, home of The Jazz.

I‘m talking about another currentivist project, taking over zones, Control. It’s my Destiny. Medium. What does it mean to you? Another step? Amping up the intensity? Something between two things? The perfect fit for me. Always has been.

I call it a currentivist project, specifically, because it forces such currentivist behavior, following the mentality so precisely, forcing stream behavior due to its lack of next and previous arrows.

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