Growing Up Out of Chivalry

You want to see them feds come Runnin up in here trying to take this family down like we ain't got no rights to privacy

I'm just throwing some things out there, trying to get everything working properly, feeding the machine with my thoughts.

They wanted me to watch a video of their CEO talking about what the company means to him, his mission statement.

Super vape life on the hashtag with Carlile

comfort bracket still coming over Saluki drool gripper bus ticket sperm Central

Everybody looking down on those who finally let loose.

Don’t rush things. The world is natural. Your body has a nature. It is separate from your consciousness.

I had a dream that I was being chased by a serial killer with Kristen Stewart's face, but you've all heard that one before.

We're all sitting at our desks, our boards of many continents, moving forward through time, in the proper way and pleasing that we choose.

I see the Kingdom's crown straight shot through the center into the face of Jesus Christ Our God our Lord and savior

I know it when I see it The Ellen Show The Chill of Death

Hey give me like full range in authority to proceed however I want and I'm not going to hand out flyers tomorrow

Bombshell. The chill of death. It is definitely in this neighborhood, no question about it.

Don't know if it's the milkman knocking or another noisy millennial

Don't take any of my hair. It's on my neck and in my shoulders, sending frissons down my spine.

Keeping this train moving. Looking for the track, clues, hints, fortuitous Craigslist postings.

Just try reaching out and touching me. Does it go any longer for you baby?

A little womb butter in your butt

Once you hear something, you can never go back. Sing it loud with the sound of my frustration. You can't go home again.

Is this a crush? Some crises that I'm having on the eve of my thirtieth and a vagina looking to develop.

Yesterday was all about the girl pissing on herself. today was all about anal sex dog having caught up a pair of panties.

I'd be up for putting your name on the press if you'd be down with it

Doing dang what's right because that's just the way we do it out here in the Midwest.

Hitting it off out the window. Down the slats and into the shrubbery.

comma comma holding it back comma making it work comma hidden periods and the dunks to the trunks of 1040 flunks

I'm still not quite there, banging my fists against the door, rather than submitting to the actual way of entering.

pervert. the dog enough money today and he don't even got enough

I've got the smoking pipe, or as you might call it, the smoking gun.

theCHIVE tasty delicious College Hunks churning out his will Cutler

Little Death coming so softly on my skin factory of thoughts, spilling them over into the Earth that they'll soon become a part of, the song

It will be a simple was thinking this to me now but with the added gratification it comes of being observed.