On our day off together, I am woken by Musette cleaning in the kitchen.

I didn’t brush my teeth. I was up late into the night watching a fit blonde pornstar getting fucked by three black men, two of whom had dicks so big they wouldn’t fit in the girl’s vagina, one of whom had a dick so big it wouldn’t fit in her mouth. She had to basically make out with the tip of it.

I had been watching a reverse bukaki session earlier wherein a man was lying in a pool surrounded by women who looked like they had recently been released from prison. They were all taking turns squirting on his face. The most commonly attractive of the girls was Asian. She had a decent sized mole on the inside of her left thigh. It was hard for her to squirt. You could tell she was self-conscious by they way she resisted touching her ass to the side of the pool that the other woman had squirted upon. The video had to cut while the girl probably received some directorial encouragement. When it came back she was squirting on the man’s face which he was reaching up with to ravenously eat her out just like he had all the other women. Perhaps during the cut he had sanitized his mouth but I doubt it.

The thought of being caught watching that was more than I could handle. The women weren’t attractive enough to me to take the risk. The lights in the room are off. My headphones are in. Musette could be standing right behind me and I wouldn’t know it. Sometimes she gets up to pee and I don’t realize it until I look over my shoulder and notice that the bathroom light is on.

When she is cute with me the next morning I feel comfortable believing she didn’t see anything. The thought of her having seen it and still being that cute with me makes me even more comfortable but I doubt that happened.

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