On our day off together, I am woken by Musette cleaning in the kitchen.

I know that I can keep this place clean if I put my mind to it. How long has this been an objective of mine now? This mindset of mindfulness.

I’ve got to get out of the rut that I am in, this deep groove of inertial Destiny. I’ve got to continue striving to become a master of realms rather than being controlled by them. It’s tough on nights like tonight when i find myself striving but yet come any free time I have, I’m back behind the controller, headphones in my ear, my voice saying, Jarvis, come in. My android eyes re-opened to the space outside my ship, an android’s dream on snooze. There is light emanating from the controls, illuminating the morning too early to already be back in play. Mars on fire. Mocha schmig juice in my jacket pocket. Seven dollars a bottle with the thirty percent discount applied by the store owner. Yellow legal pad of financial transactions keeping time with the security feed to display my giving in. Level forty experience with a light level of 285, my best weapons equipped. Entering Mars’ orbit with the objective of taking out Taken lieutenants.

Jarvis tells me about Cabal movements within the last twenty four hours. There are guardian markers scattered across the surface, he says. A dust wind blows against my Hawkmoon. Someone named Bloody_Loco29 passes, Sparrow riding his way into the dust. I search for relic iron, awaiting the opening of Taken rifts. When one opens, I knock out all three lieutenants with swift ease. There are three other guardians in the area. Together we take out the arisen zealot without much work, knocking his rifted curve balls back into the beyond.

Finding two more lietuenants, I complete the objective, sticking around to defeat the blighted descendant that arises before lifting back into orbit, a legendary engram in my inventory, Zavala awaiting my presence back at the tower.

Through a warp rip I fly across the galaxy. Zavala tells me that the echo of Oryx we’ve been tracking is originating from where this whole Taken war began: Phobos. My mission is to return there and investigate the source. Master Rahool decodes the engram I got, revealing a cryptic dragon. I already have one of these so I consume it into my Void Edge.

Oh shit, I say, on my way back to orbit, remembering that I forgot to stop by Shax for more Iron Banner bounties. It’s now day three of the event. I need more legendary marks, so I take on the day’s crucible challenge, which is a rumble match. Equipping my blade dancer gear, strapping the Last Word to my hip, I hope to impress Joey Holliday, merging my ship into a crucible pack which takes off for the Blind Watch.

I play the match, not achieving the position I want, yet still receiving the legendary marks, and then I return to orbit, and shut off all ship viewfinders, returning to my apartment dream. The dog is lying on the bed. The Phobos mission still awaits my presence.

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