I’m trying to tell myself that I need nothing, that I can have that Celinian lightness that…

On our day off together, I am woken by Musette cleaning in the kitchen. She is banging the Swiffer Wet Jet against the walls and rattling dishes into the drying rack. It’s earlier than I’d like it to be. She’s got a good momentum going. She hands me a coffee with soy milk in it and I help her fold and put away the laundry. We end up clearing off the dog kennel and emptying the Amazon bag.

All of the dishes are clean but we don’t eat any breakfast. She wants to wash her hair. We get in the shower together. She washes my hair and my body. I don’t wash anything on her. She uses the Dove for Men conditioner that we got two of from Fresh Direct. It has dandruff control chemicals such as caffeine in it. I think it has actually been working. It’s weird to me that I hadn’t had any luck with the T-Gel. It’s supposed to be the industry leader.

She uses apple cider vinegar in her hair.

She tells me that she has a plan for our day. We get dressed. I wear my yellow and gray striped t-shirt that my sister got for me as a birthday present so few but many years ago after noticing me eyeing it at the mall while we were shopping together, her, my mom, Musette and me. On top of the T-shirt I am wearing my pocketless gray cardigan that Musette got me for a gift on another birthday. And above that I am wearing my gray suit jacket that I got married in. Musette is wearing her long sleeved blue and black shirt that she took from her twin sister like so many of her other clothes such as the high brown felty boots that she is wearing over a pair of tight black pants that I don’t know where she got.

She is wearing her black pea coat.

Do I look okay, she asks.

I tell her that she looks great.

We leave the apartment. I have the new schmig tucked next to my phone in my jacket’s left inside pocket. I keep using it while we walk, passing it to Musette when she asks for it.

We’re going to take the subway, she says. Are you okay with that?

I tell her that I am but that I am going to have to get a pass, which is something I’m sure she’s already aware of.

We use the credit card and get on the G to Court.

Are we getting off here, I ask at Metropolitan.

She tells me that we’re not. We end up riding into Williamsburg. She’s keeping things a surprise for me. There are four stops total, not including the pet supply store which we stop into first to get Carlton a new toy to replace his Boy Blue which he has completely destuffed and has begun tearing all of the threading out of. The new one is pink. It is shaped like a dog. Blue was a bear. The dog has whiskers on it. It’s floppy ears were what persuaded me to pick this one over a white goat shaped one that we were considering getting.