I need to clean my atomizers. I watched a video about it the other day. It seems super simple, like one of those things that I know that I can actually do and do now. All it takes is some hot water, a bowl, a spoon, a towel, and some time. I can even make coffee in the process. This whole life of mine being something of a shit storm multishow in minor key. Multiple platforms for multiple things. Coming to you wherever you may be. Is it inconsequential? Maybe. But I most certainly need to start getting those bowls cleaned. Everything in the apartment is dirty, besides the dog. I cleaned him just the other day. And now I am dirtier than the dog. There is a thick musk coming up from my crotch. The plates here all having old pasta on them. Huge noodles that look like saw blades. Susan Sontag on the bookshelf, looking at me over her shoulder, her graying hair pulled back, her expression absorbed in probably something out the window. J.D. Salinger and I don’t know which part of the physical copy of Infinite Jest I’m at. I’ve been reading it on Kindle for Android. The schmig tasting horrible and it working poorly, but I’m working on it and I hardly ever work on anything, but I’m working on that as well, have been for a long time, haven’t seen too much progress though. Change seems to only come around when I’m needing it, like when one of my dependencies starts shitting out. Like this e-cigarette or schmiggy as Musette likes to call it, giving it more power than it even had when it was just a nameless device.