I’ve been wearing the same DECA shirt for days. It is orange. I sleep in it. I probably would’ve changed it out yesterday but for the fact that I woke up too late to change my clothes. I’ve had no reason to change my clothes today. It doesn’t matter if I stink when I’m here by myself with the dog who smells better than me.

I take him out and he shits something solid. I couldn’t be happier to see it. I am so proud of him. The pride radiates from my eyes. He’s looking up at me. We’re looking into each other’s eyes. I can tell that he is proud of himself. There’s not even any blood. Thank God. Is this a miracle?

I walk him back to the apartment. It is my turn to shit. Sitting down on the toilet, I let ripcelabratorily. Such a relief. The sweet smell of success.

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