TOP 5 APPS (you’ve probly never heard of) THAT ARE A MUST DOWNLOAD!


This Pokémon based app is a wonder rendition of the actual Pokémon series! With over 130 different creatures to pick from it’s a must have if you enjoy monster based fighting!


2) GlanceAt

With this beautiful app your emails are organized into simplified cards to help email reading a breeze! This app can help you schedule, reschedule, or anything time related! It links to your calendar and helps make your life simple and efficient!


3) SEEK - Find your friends

With this beautiful game app you go around a world whilst using gyro scoping technology! The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is excellent with its gyro scoping nature! This game with give you fun for hours!

iOS: Seek: Find Your Friends by Vimarsh Raina

4) FLING — Message the world

With this stunning app you can message the world by simply sending a picture, video, or written message! This app is revolutionary, it’s perfect for meeting new people, experiencing cultures and seeing what people are up to! It’s simple, fun, and comes with built in chat to keep chatting with someone interesting!

iOS: Fling — Message The World by Unii

5) Wiith

Meet people with the wonderful app Wiith! This app is perfect if you’re looking to go out and hang with someone new. Just select what you wanna do and where and people will ask for an invite! This way you’ll be able to meet new people while bonding over something mutual! And if creating an event is too much work you can simple request to join someone else’s! It’s fun, efficient, and will surely keep you out with new friends!

iOS: Wiith by Wiith Inc

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