True adherence to Allah

He is the one and only to be worship. While you are taking Umrah Tours for a lifetime journey, then do it with complete devotion only towards Allah. We hear call of prayer five times daily, few of us respond but others just keep themselves busy in routine. No matter how much we are going to ignore the truth, it will come back in front of our eyes. One of the famous occasions we are hearing from the childhood about the old lady who was consistently throwing garbage on Prophet (PBUH), the lesson we were taught from the story was to be generous with everyone, no matter how ill he or she treats you. But there is one more lesson at the end of the story when she embraced Islam when her heart fell out for the kindness of Prophet (PBUH). The ultimate message hidden in it is that truth never changes its path. It is always falsehood which has to change its orientation.

So, when we ignore the truth, we are at the wrong and ultimately we have to change our direction. Our tongues are never tired saying about how much we love Allah and his Prophet (PBUH). People keep chanting about their prayers etc. But do our characters are symbolized as true Muslims? Are we even close to being a Muslim? Accepting oneness of Allah is the first step but implementing his teachings, surrendering to his decisions is another important aspect of it. We have ignored true adherence from many years. Nowadays we hear every other scholar passing their statements without getting into the matter, declaring categories of Muslims and Non-Muslims and if you will when there is no implementation of Islam in their own lives. These are the clear signs of slavery we are acquiring these days. The voices of yelling, pointing fingers should not influence someone who has devotion towards Allah. You are a Muslim who should be aware of his limits instructed by Allah and his Prophet (PBUH). Love cannot be defined in words but your character can always show your love towards Allah.

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