I can be a carnivore or a vegetarian depending on what I am trying to accomplish with the design.
Tarik Kurspahic

Hello Tarik!

It’s responses like these that we really look forward to. :) We hope you enjoyed the read and potentially other posts on our page.

Thank you for pointing out that element regarding Facebook. In our analysis- we saw their new implementation as a “revamp” of their original use case, because they were no longer utilizing the hamburger icon as a seemingly “all encompassing” navigation button. However, we can see how our original wording of the example can be misleading, thus we appreciate your insight and will edit accordingly.

You clearly love talking about mobile UX and sharing your thoughts with others- if you have the time, we would love to feature a post from you on our main blog. Please email our Community Manager, Hannah, at Hannah@appsee.com if interested.


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