It’s not the destination, it’s the journey. This is especially true when it comes to mobile apps. Yes, you might often be measured by the “destination” (mobile KPIs) but that’s not to say that the journey is any less important. The journey that a user takes to complete an action is critical because it speaks volumes about their intent and your app’s usability. In analytics lingo, one way to assess these critical journeys is through user flows.

Let’s rewind for a second though. What is a user flow?

2018 was a blockbuster year for mobile in all kinds of ways: Global app downloads soared, consumer spend was up, and the average time spent in mobile apps also grew. In this truly mobile-first epoch, there has never been a better time to get into mobile. However, if you’re a brand looking to choose a mobile app development company, the selection process can be very confusing. What are the characteristics you should be looking for when it comes to finding a development partner you can trust?

We set out to find the answers to these questions by scouring app industry…

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Mobile ads are part of many apps’ monetisation strategy. However, there are good mobile ads, and there are bad mobile ads. The last thing you want to see over your morning cup of coffee is this type of review for your mobile app, complaining about a poor quality ad:

In a world where we are constantly hit with digital stimuli, we all just need to take a moment to relax. Mobile apps might seem like unlikely allies in silencing all that noise, but in fact, the self-care trend in mobile apps was is booming. One of the apps leading the charge is Headspace.

Headspace is the brainchild of former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe, who returned from a Tibetan monastery with a drive to spread the word about meditation, and advertising executive Richard Pierson, who needed a way to relax from the stress of his job. They decided to do…

There are lots of iOS apps worth adding to your home screen in 2019 and beyond. You have got Mobike for smart, convenient bike sharing, Blinkist for easy reads and insights and Oh She Glows for approachable plant-based recipes.

Each of these iOS apps is completely different in idea and offering, but all aim to provide their users with the same essential thing: a fantastic user experience.

Providing an excellent user experience depends on many factors. First and foremost, to deliver a stellar UX like the apps mentioned above, you must avoid seeing your product as “final”. The app teams…

According to mobile app user retention rates from Statista, 55% of mobile app users will abandon an app one month after downloading it. That number grows to 68% after three months. Localytics gives an even more alarming statistic: 21% of mobile app users will abandon an app after only launching it once. Today’s users will not even stick around to experience the app after downloading it. This means that user retention should be taken into account during the entire app design and development process, and should guide decision-making whenever possible.

Retention rate is the most honest and effective way to…

Let us talk about Peter. He has just bought a great shirt. It is on trend. The feel, and the price point was a bargain. He gets home, and it feels great. But then. It starts with a tickle, then a scratch, then he realises the label is digging into his skin. When his friend asks how it was, the annoying scratchiness is all he feels like mentioning. However, he is still going to wear it.

Commit the similar kind of sin in a mobile app, and unfortunately, your users are probably not going to be this tolerant. After all…

By John Sela, CMO of Appsee. This post was originally published on TheNextWeb.

Credit: Icons8 (edited)

Everyone knows that apps fail. No one wants to build a mobile app that gets one thousand downloads and then capsizes into the app store abyss. So how do you make sure that your app won’t turn into one of those depressing statistics? How do you create a winning product that’s adopted by millions of users?

As a mobile app industry veteran, I’ve found that what sets many successful apps above the rest is the way they address a deep-seated need or desire users have. …

It’s happening. The industry is changing — again. “Mobile First” is quickly becoming old news and “Mobile Only” has entered the industry jargon.

In 2019, a mobile-centric approach is becoming the key way for brands to connect and engage with consumers for many. For example, eMarketer notes that mobile video ad spending in the US is forecast to increase from $16 billion this year to almost $25 billion in 2022. Similarly, App Annie predicts that in 2019, worldwide app store consumer spend will grow 5x as fast as the overall global economy with a consumer spend surpassing $120B in 2019…

What makes a good product manager? Much has been said and written about product management, and the plethora of books, articles, and tweets might seem overwhelming and confusing. It gets even more complicated in the mobile app world, where everything can change at a moment’s notice, and no workweek or even Monday morning will look like the last.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We looked at articles, opinion pieces, research, and interviews with industry-leading product managers. We included inspiring quotes from leading product managers of the industry, like Julie Zhuo, Marty Cagan, Roman Pichler, and Ken Norton. PMs at…


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