Thinking beyond app installs to deliver new experiences to users

Sep 19, 2016 · 2 min read

Current businesses provide “Siloed” experiences through their website or app. They spend a lot of money to drive apps installs, web impressions and other vanity metrics through context agnostic ads, push notifications and deep links. While these halfway solutions have solved a problem to a certain extent but still they restrict the user access the core utility of the business through the “Siloed” portal(i.e a mobile app). High customer acquisition costs and low transactions are a problem plaguing the current $450 billion (estimated) global e-commerce market.

What if businesses were no longer restricted to their “app” to engage users?

What if businesses could drive transactions with out the need for app installs ?

What if “apps” could reach users at the right context while providing a seamless user experience ?

Here at Appsfly, we are providing a platform for businesses to create “MicroApps”. These are small micro-components of an app, which can be flown in to another app where a “context” or “intent” to action originates. This technology allows businesses to affiliate with each other to provide complementary and new experiences to users.

For example, take a scenario where the user is using a travel booking app to book flight tickets. He/She might need to arrange transport for 4 rides(pickup & drop at departure and destination airports). There is sufficient “intent” to action generated by the user at this point. But, the user would have to switch to Uber to book the rides creating additional friction points in the user journey.

Transform your app using MicroApps to create new experiences

Using “Appsfly” the travel booking app can affiliate with Uber using a “MicroApp”. This MicroApp can now help book 4 rides of the user right where the intent is generated and it does not even require the Uber app to be installed on the mobile.

With Appsfly, businesses can create new experiences for users, fly into the right context and generate more transactions.

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