My Experience with a Psycho Thriller.

Well folks! I did it! I went for a Psycho Thriller/Horror Movie!

While to most of you, it might seem like “what’s so special about seeing a horror movie?” I mean you are going to book tickets to the next horror film everyone is talking about.. Yes! That one with the name starting in O. For me, however, it is an achievement. My friends in college would especially attest to this. One of them, would tell stories around this Indian Exorcist/doctor, ‘Rajeev Makrar’ and while the rest of my gang used to ridicule it, I used to be surrounded by blankets covering my entire being and my courageous teddy bear, ‘Pookichoo’ hugging me. Hell, I was even scared of the movie, ‘Scary Movie!’

Pookichoo! Someone who has seen me through tough times!

Let me tell you why. Back when I was small, probably 4th grade, my cousin made me watch “The Ring”. I was this teensy little kid who used to shout at the top of my voice to anybody listening that, “I am a brave girl,” and “Nothing”, I said, “Nothing scares me”. So my cousin( kids that we were determined to out-do each other) said, “Poorna, ( That’s what I’m called at home) let’s watch The Ring.”

“Gulp.. Sigh! I am a brave girl, I should be able to do this. I can cross roads by myself.”, I thought and Boy oh Boy! sat with her for the entire movie. Yes, I whimpered and reacted but bravely watched the movie eyes open the entire time. By the time it was done, I drew out a huge breath muttering ‘Ram Ram’. The movie wasn’t that scary…Okay, I thought, “I can handle this”, with all the determination of a 10 year old. My cousin and I were then shooed away to play. While we were running and playing, my cousin suddenly said,

“Stop! I think I saw something”

“What? Where?”, me looking around.

“There.. by the pool.. Don’t you see?”

“See? What am I supposed to see?”

“Out there..Come, lets go closer. Or wait, am I the only one seeing things?”

“Akka, rubbish! Let’s go! There is nothing there.”

So I marched, leading my cousin to the pool with full confidence that there was nothing there. I turned around and..


There was somebody floating in the pool! With all their hair let loose! Not breathing! I screamed.. I cried..I peed in my pants, I kid you not!

I screamed so much that our parents came running down to see what happened to their kids and then suddenly we heard laughter!

I turned around to see who this crazy person was and saw that it was my cousin and then that corpse in the pool started laughing too. Our parents knew it was a prank that had been played but, for me, my sister had turned into that girl from the movie who was puppeting the corpse’s actions and I screamed even more.

Needless to say, I couldn’t sleep for an entire week, my cousin was definitely grounded and her friend’s parents were notified of their prank. In retrospect, it was funny, but I was terrified.

So you see, the reason I am scared of scary movies.

Now coming to the movie that I watched recently, it was booked by a friend who didn’t know my history with scary movies and I didn’t tell him too. This was the first time I was going out with him and I didn’t want him to think that I was a sissy! I mean, I am the girl who rides bikes, who isn’t scared of travelling alone anywhere, who sits down at 2:00 am in the street playing with my dogs (pretty sure my neighbours think I’m weird ). So yes, I decided to go for the movie.

More than the movie, I think I scared him. During the first half, I sunk so low in my seat that he thought I’d fall down any minute. 2nd row too! I had a clear picture, literally, and couldn’t block out the sounds even if I wanted to. I closed my eyes and shut my ears tight during scenes that were even remotely scary. At the interval, I couldn’t say a word. I just nodded at everything he said and then, he had had it. He apologised completely and said, “Let’s walk out!” I refused. It was now or never. And we sat through the entire movie; him glancing at me every 5 seconds to see if I was okay.

Yes, it is an achievement. A milestone for me.

Doesn’t mean I’m going to watch scary movies at the first opportunity. :p, but wouldn’t mind going for one occasionally. Real Occasional.

Also, ironically, the movie was called ‘Phobia’ and it helped me take the first steps to overcome my Phobia of Scary Movies!

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