My Top Ten Happy Tracks! :D

Have you ever felt so wonderful that you cannot stop feeling that good?

I guess we all have! I have my music. Music is such a blessing! Sigh! You dance, you swing, shake you hip, Skip, Jump, Sit and Listen!

Here are my top ten songs that make me feel Oh so Good in randomn order!

  1. Skin- BOY
  2. Accidently in Love- Counting Crows
  3. O Gujariya: Queen
  4. Rise Up: Yves LaRock
  5. Enthara: Thirumanam Enum Nikkah
  6. Suddenly I See: KT Tunstall
  7. Black Horse and A Cherry Tree: KT Tunstall
  8. Urumbu: Thaikkudam Bridge
  9. Life is a Highway: Rascal Flatts
  10. Get on Your Boots: U2

Of course you have your ,

Because I’m Happy!

So long folks! :p

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