Why Going Viral Doesn’t Matter

I’ve sat in many a client meeting to be asked:

“Can you make our video go viral?”

On the surface it seems like a legitimate question. But really, having a video go viral is an unwise goal to have for a project.

The best return on investments that we have seen for clients comes from the content being laser targeted as a particular audience and delivering an experience and/or great value.

To put it another way, it’s more important for a video to be seen by the right people, for the right reasons.

If you have this, you have a greater chance of making an impact and persuading the viewer to take some desired action (making an enquiry/buying a product/opting in to an email list, etc.).

More to the point, videos don’t just go viral. Or at least, it’s such a small proportion that we can discount them.

Normally, when we see a ‘viral’ video, a ton of work, and often lots of cash (even into the 6 figures) are spent on seeding the video on high traffic blogs in the hope that they catch on and take a life of their own.

Very few do because so many factors that aren’t in anyone’s control are at play.

Remember, it’s not the view count that matters. So don’t focus on viral. Focus on specific content, for a specific audience — and invest efforts into getting it seen by them. Get feedback and use this data to improve the next video.