3 Facebook Groups Online Filipino Freelancers Should Join Right Now

I’ve been working at home for several months now and there’s never a day in my life I want to slam out of the door because of boredom. While some online Filipino freelancers are weary because they feel constrained within their four-cornered walls and just chatting with peers virtually, I say that there are ample of good and creative ways to enjoy and learn while at home or even while browsing the much-loved, Facebook. If you are new to online freelancing, perhaps these FAQ’s can answer some of your common queries.

I’m sharing with you three of my most favorite Facebook pages. I visit these groups almost everyday to learn, relax, and enjoy. If ever you are not yet a member, go ahead and hit the join button.

1. Online Filipino Freelancers

The group was originally made exclusively for Upwork, Odesk, and Elance Philippines freelancers and now opened to all online freelancers in the country. To date, the group was the largest Online Filipino Freelancer group on Facebook.

If you are a freelancer or someone who aspires to become one, this community is a must-join and a must-have in your Facebook group list.

You can post or answer questions, share insights and experiences, and even spread good vibes and post freelancer rants on the designated thread.

The OFF community has very supportive members and admins so you will definitely feel welcomed and loved becoming a member. Moreover, they are continuously creating opportunities for the community to relish.

Discover what’s in it for you by joining the Online Filipino Freelancers on Facebook today.

2. Blogapalooza Bloggers

The Blogapalooza Bloggers is one of my favorite Facebook groups. Bloggers and writers are free to share their latest blog posts and interact with co-writers in this community.

The group isn’t just made for virtual use but is also created to connect bloggers and businesses together. The community organizes social gatherings for all registered bloggers and businesses to meet, greet, and collaborate. Read more about Blogapalooza here.

Experienced bloggers and social media influencers are also invited to the event to share their expertise in the industry. If you’re just nearby, I suggest you join the conference and meet like-minded people of different niche and ages. They do the meet up annually so there’s no way for you to enjoy the Blogapalooza way.

I recently joined their fourth Blogapalooza and had fun. You can read my first-ever Blogapalooza experience here.

3. Search Engine Optimization Philippines

It’s just lately when I discovered the group and how I wish I become a member earlier. I’m a content writer and now doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so this is a big help for web optimizers.

Shared in the group are ample of tips and guides to optimize your website so you’ll definitely get the latest insights to rank on search engine. You are also free to post questions and use the resources posted on SEOPH.

The owner regularly posts updates about the latest on SEO. No wonder why he is so blessed because he never hesitates to share his knowledge to aspiring SEO like me.

If you really want to learn and earn from SEO, Search Engine Optimization Philippines is a good place to jumpstart.

Join these Facebook groups to start learning more about your craft and live the life like I do. Feel free to share your favorite Facebook groups in the comment box below to help online Filipino freelancers start their online career.


Originally published at consulttoapril.com on October 10, 2016.

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