6 Steps to Successfully Start Online Freelancing

I started freelancing in 2012 and I could say that it isn’t easy. To be honest, applying for freelancing jobs is a cutthroat than in the corporate because you are competing with thousands of brilliant and experienced freelancers across the globe.

However, don’t feel intimated because there are ample of opportunities online to help you jumpstart. As long as you are willing to learn and want to earn, you are good to go.

So how will you start online freelancing? Well, I have here 6 tips to help you get started. Hope these helps.

1. Assess Your Skills

Are you good in writing? Do you have previous experience doing clerical jobs? Do you enjoy graphic designing? What so ever.

Ask yourself these questions. Start by contemplating on your skills and competencies. Assess which area you are good and interested at then start from there.

Identify your skillet and make way to improve each to make yourself marketable in the freelancing world.

2. Find your Platform

The web is just within your reach. With just a single click, you can easily access the internet. So make use of your time efficiently to land your first contract.

Find a platform to start your online job hunt. Google can provide you thousands of results but I suggest to stick with an online platform that has a proven track record of helping freelancers and contractors collaborate with each other.

I am an active member of Odesk.com, now Upwork.com. And still have accounts on other freelancing platforms to maximize my opportunities. You can check these 5 legit online websites for freelancers where you can create your profile.

Once you are decided, apply on jobs that match your skills you have just contemplated above.

3. Apply, Apply, Apply, until You Get Hired

When applying for an office pose, we usually give our resume a face-lift to highlight our skills, then research the company background and the job description to impress the hiring manager during the interview and wait for a phone call to know if we are qualified or not.

The process also goes the same when applying online. You have to complete your portfolio, market yourself on your job application, show up on time during the interview schedule, and wait if you’ll get an offer or, unfortunately, a decline notification.

Whilst it is frustrating to get a consecutive decline or no response from clients, don’t just easily give up. It doesn’t happen exclusively to you, but to almost all freelancers including me.

Tweak and customize your cover letter for each job you apply. Just keep applying; you will surely land your first job.

4. Surround Yourself with Inspirations

As a newbie freelancer, connect with people who can help you progress on your journey. Find influencers, join freelancing groups and communities, and talk with experienced freelancers who have succeeded before you.

If you are a freelancer from the Philippines, I personally recommend the Online Filipino Freelancers on Facebook. This is an active group with more than 10, 000 freelancers across the country to engage and interact with.

You can also join these 3 Facebook groups made for Freelancers and bloggers to find peers and inspirations.

5. Accept Your Mistakes

Congratulations, you’re hired on your first job. Now, put your best foot forward and do the tasks properly as expected. If ever you make errors, keep your cool in place and learn from it.

My first job was a ghost writer and I won’t deny the fact that I made major mistakes on my first few write ups. It’s daunting to get emails from clients asking for work revisions, especially during wee hours, every now and then.

This may also happen to you but set your mind to finish all tasks with excellence.

6. Be a Lifelong Learner

Not because you are hired as an encoder, doesn’t mean you need to be in the same pose for a lifetime. Keep learning new skills, accept the challenge of working on a new role, read guides, and watch tutorials.

You are of value so never settle for less. Be a lifelong learner and you’ll definitely get a lifetime gain from freelancing.

I hope these steps would serve newbie freelancers to start online freelancing. If you have more freelancing tips for beginners, kindly comment below so they can read and learn from your experience. Thank you!

Watch this newbie webinar video hosted by the Online Filipino Freelancing group to learn more.


Originally published at consulttoapril.com on October 15, 2016.

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