Would not the other half be the women if half is men?
Bill Anderson

While that certainly may have been the case before, it’s not now. Again, half of all low sex drive issues are in MEN. Not women. This is a fact. I invite you to do your research to verify this. I’ve written many an article on this exact topic and others regarding sexuality and done plenty of research on these subjects.

This is part of the reason why the trend of older women with younger men stayed. Lower sex drive issues for men can stem from stress, being overweight, antidepressants and more. Unfortunately, the partner with the lowest drive sets the control for the sex in a relationship.

A Sybian isn’t exactly a life-like sex doll. If you want to get technical, women already have sex with machines; vibrators.

And, personally speaking, I know far more women than men who have issues with their partners having lower sex drives. Age has less to do with it than you’d think.

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