He lay on top of her, head tucked into the crook between her neck and her shoulder. His lips, wet and parted, rested on the erogenous skin of her neck. Their breathing had slowed into a steady cadence. Their heart beat as one. She was in love.

They must’ve dozed off in the back of her car. When she awoke, he was still in heap on top of her, asleep. For a moment she’d forgotten where they were. She tried to look out the windows, but they were steamed up from their heat. Oh yeah, the airport.

She kissed his sleeping lips. It only took a few seconds for his mouth, and his body, to respond. She missed the eagerness and readiness of a younger man.

Soft kisses almost instantly turned into heated desire. His strength and passion started to over power her. His cock was so hard. She grabbed it, hard. It was so big her fingertips didn’t touch when she wrapped her hand around it.

His eyes lit up, she held his gaze, softened her grip and kissed him softly while gently stroking him.

She let go momentarily, squirmed out from underneath of him and centered herself between his legs.

“Now it’s your turn,” she said, placing his hands above his head and confirming with eye contact that she wanted them to stay there. He bit his lip and obeyed her silent command as she slid her fingernails down the inside of his arms then the sides of his ribs. She circled back up to his nipples, leaned down and kissed his lips, gently. Her lips, soft and sweet. She trailed her tongue down the side of his neck, kissed his collarbone then slid slowly down the center of his body and hovered over his raging hard erection. His body ached for her.

It wasn’t long before her mouth was wrapped around the head of cock, her tongue circling with pleasure. He moaned and arched his back. Her soft hands cupped his balls as she plunged his cock deep into her throat. No woman had ever been able to chug his entire cock in one, swift movement. She held it down tightening her throat and lips around it then gently slid it out. She grabbed the wet shaft and teased the head while she collected her breath and readied another cock chugging dive. He moaned again as she plunged down and up down and up down and up.

He couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted to fuck her. He needed to fuck her. Hard.

He released his arms from their post and gently placed his hands on her head. She lifted her head and glared. He disobeyed. She sat up and grabbed him by the wrists. He turned on her, grabbed her by her wrists and in one motion, flipped her over to her back and had her straddled.

She glared at him, and he at her. Intense eyes unyielding. His features softened and she melted. And he couldn’t fuck her. He loved her. He kissed her gently and she met his kiss with such passion that he let out a gentle moan. She grabbed his cock and put the head inside of her slick, wet pussy.

She let him take control of her. Complete control. He moved in and out of her in slow, erotic movements. From tip the base and then deep penetration. They never took each other’s eyes from the other. She started to weep. He kissed the tears away and then sweetly kissed her lips.

With each penetration he could feel her pussy swell tighter against his throbbing cock. Her soft moans turned a little louder. Her soft grasp on his back turned stronger. He plunged deeper and deeper. She moaned loader and louder. Her fingernails dug into his flesh. They each closed their eyes. He dipped his head back and exploded inside of her while she writhed in pleasure riding his cock into ecstasy, her pulsing pussy swollen and wet.

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