Day 1 on Medium,

Honestly, I liked it at first sight. Though I was a bit confused, wondering what it’s all about. I’m also wondering why i’m posting this, but, oh well!

Looking through the platform, there are so many features to use that attracted me even more. I don’t know what others use this platform for, but i’ll use it as a blog!

It can work, right? I bet so. The ability to post articles and even create publications, make links, use headlines and all is just amazing. I mean, it is practically a blog!

And now this is starting to sound like a review. Jeez!

I have a few ideas here and there — I mean literally here and there! I can barely decide where to start. Hopefully, I will find a plan. In the meantime, however, i’ll keep yapping to keep myself occupied :) Ow wait! No emoticons?? *sob

Okay, let’s be done for the day. I think it would serve me best to follow you and get to know what you’re up to.. haha stalker! :P

Follow this awesome stalker back. Loving this already. #weirdo

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