5 Ways To Adult Your Apartment

Forget trendy phrases like mid century modern or industrial chic. Sometimes we have to start from the very beginning. That means creating a place that looks like an actual adult lives there. It doesn’t have to take on any specific style. What it does need is a look that says I no longer live in my parents’ home or a dorm room.

Of course, we’ve got all the advice you need to help your pad look less like a kid’s and more like the responsible adult you’re pretending to be! Here’s what you need to pull off that look and adult your apartment.

Living Room

First off, let’s get a real sofa. If you’re 23 or older, there’s no reason at all that a futon should live anywhere in your home. Now that you have a sofa, surround it with lovely things, including a bookcase filled with real books, not textbooks from your college years. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what your style is or even if you mix it up, and a rug will really help when it comes to pulling your oddly eclectic randomness together. Yes, it’s a must. Add accents like real plants, mirrors and framed artwork (it doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars) to make your living area feel truly adult.


Flannel bedding and a mattress on a metal frame doesn’t feel like a bedroom that’s actually used. It’s time to invest in matching bedding that feels nice (look for 300 thread count and above). Then add a headboard to give your bed a more adult look. Ideally, it’s your bed that shouldn’t be the only naked thing in the room, and these upgrades can help with that.


The bathroom is usually the last place we think about decorating but it’s the place that almost every guest visits. The great thing is you don’t have to put a ton of money into this room to get an adult look. A little bit of effort goes a long way — a nice shower curtain, some good quality towels that match, a slim storage unit for your bathroom accessories and maybe a piece of artwork or two can make all the difference.


Real adults use real glassware and dishes. Paper plates and plastic cups are what college kids use. Plus, they kind of suck for the environment. Go out and get a matching set of dishes with nice glassware to accompany them. And remember, if you host a lot, get enough glassware for entertaining.

Any room

Buy real furniture. We’re sorry but Ikea everywhere just won’t cut it. We’re not saying you have to throw out every last piece but keep it to a minimum and invest in quality pieces you wouldn’t mind having for years, or that you can at least resell for a fair value. Once you have a roomful of real furniture, add curtains. You’ll see all your rooms tie together into adulthood.

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Originally published at www.aptdeco.com.

Written by Susan Nathan

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